Coming Up Quick, the Home and Away exhibition at Battalion.  Hosted by LA leviathans HVW8 in cahoots with Adidas and Andenken Gallery, this show features three outstanding, wicked, bad ass creators: Lisa Leone, Hassan Rahim, Alessandro Moroder .  Public openining is on the 24th of May 7pm - 10pm, and only runs for 3 days through the 26th.  Come check it out…you’ll be pleased.  FaceBook Event .  Cheerios. 

Nice Thread on the Banksy boards about the Kevin Cyr paintings we just showed at Stroke Fair in Munich.

Thanks Sal!

VINZ *Feel Free* rebuilding of Picasso’s Guernica for a New Spanish Age.  Totally Crushing homage to Pablo’s masterpiece by a young artist in full stride.  If in Munich, May 1 - May 5, come Andenken Gallery at Stroke Art Fair where VINZ will have 8 new originals on show.  Also, Wooster Collective book by VINZ is something superior for the shelf or coffee table, designed by another wonderful Street Art duo Thundercut.

Some evening Sneak Peaks of the Battalion Space coming together at Westergasfabriek.  GRAND OPENING - this Saturday April 20 - 17:00 - 22:00 (likely a near relentless assault about this all week).  Exhibition is Contract from Olivier Vrancken and Lennard Schuurmans

Amanda Marie was getting busy while we were in NYC for SCOPE Art Fair,  The ‘skinny dippers’ mural is in Brooklyn at Dean and Classon in Crown Heights, the ‘Lovers Of Today’ piece is outside of the speak-easyish bar of same name below Niagara at Ave A and 7th in Manhattan.   Thanks both to the crew at Dean Street, and to J. Yerington for the ‘Lovers’ hookup.

Dean Street And Beyond…NYC has been quite an adventure here in early to mid March.  We are here of course for SCOPE Art Fair / Armory Show, but we’ve been staying in Brooklyn at the infamous Dean Street 981 .  Whenever we travel we look for the craziest counter-culture spot we can find and 981 has delivered for Brooklyn.  Such a glorious coupling of keen design eyes and Peter Pan inspired lost boys aesthetic this Crown Heights warehouse gem has delivered both comfort and adventure.  Pictured here also are a few other highlights from our adventures here…some Killgallen style guerrilla advertising for Park Deli, and some vandalish Yoshitomo Nara drawings in friend Johnny Yerrington’s Niagra Bar.  

A wonderful 5 page feature on Amanda Marie is in the new issue 21 of VNA (very nearly almost).  She has the first article in the issue (interview by Jeroen Smeets) which features nice works from established names like Miss Van (cover), Rone, Faith 47 and Inkie to drop a few.  Great job Mando!   About 20 new small original works on paper just added to her tictail and a few new hella gorgeous large canvas pieces.  These pieces are all in advance of the upcoming SCOPE Art Fair in NY, March 6 - 10th.  

'Lost Object' piece for the new Penelope Craft space opening soon on Kerkstraat.  This is the 'softest' and most feminin feeling of these installs I've made.   Had a number of old spinning wheels stacked up waiting for the right moment to become part of a piece…this is a good match.  Photos courtesy of Alexandra Feo.  

Stills from a short scary film ‘Memory Lane’ made by Wouter Haasnoot, partially filmed at the recently retired Andenken space at De Hallen…see the trailer here.  

First in a series of Rewind Recaps about the ‘Left Coast Swing’ with Amanda Marie.  CAVE Gallery opening ‘From Here On Out’ for Amanda Marie was stellar.  Build up for it was also awesome.  Mando slayed two murals right by the beach, one small one in the gallery courtyard,  and a large beautiful ‘gravity kids’ one inside the gallery.  CAVE also had me make a found object installation in the courtyard.  Was a gracious invite and Mando was a such a good helper for that…one of my favorite things about her is her humble and endearing desire to help out wherever and whenever she can.  Prepping for the found object piece I came to the realization that I think my favorite way to see a city is via the junk and art in their alleys.  Though in SF you need to really be wary of the crack zombies…they’ll lumber up on your ass and let you know full force if you’re stealing their logs or whatever  (more on that in a future post).  Including here,  some additional highlight shots from Venice.  Venice is cool…the land of skateboarders of all shapes and sizes…seriously like mom’s on skateboards with their kids…really rad.  Saw some great street paintings in LA, including the nice Deedee Cheriel…Deedee’s work and Venice are like Cocoa and Whip Cream.