The White Walls show at 941 Geary, ‘While We Were Away' (massive graffuturism photo archive at jump) was a sweet sweet time.  Amanda was asked to do the building mural and she killed it.  Here is a timelapse Vimeo  made by buddy Cliff Parker of she and I working on the mural first night. The show was curated by the lovely Tova Lobats, and it was such a nice inclusion for Amanda to show alongside leviathans of the genre like Vhils and Miss Van.  The show had a super cool concept about the extensive travels of Street / Urban contemporary artists.  Each artist(s) was given a vintage suitcase to include memorabilia for display alongside their artworks.  Amanda and I have been spelling words and slogans out of sticks on our travels and had some of these sticks in the car, so we made the suitcase piece together, a little something called ‘Aloha’ that was suspended on strings (like I’m like to do and to highlight the idea of air travel) she stenciled the case and we cut our little sticks to fit snug in the case…lovely little memory piece.   The truck pictured above is Justin’s legendary ride…crushed on every inch by world class writers and street artists…a Kevin Cyr painting waiting to happen.  After the show was open and the real exhaustion set in, we took a lovely excursion up to the Hess Collection in Nappa valley.  This is pretty boss, Hess has wineries and accompanying museum quality galleries in a handful of top locations world wide…Whaaaat?  Anyways, many great works by many great artists were seen, but conversational highlights were Andy Goldsworthy (snowball paintings) and Franz Gertsch (insane realism portraits).  To summarize my last handful of posts…the Left Coast was one highlight after another basically.