Hwy 1 was / is amazing.  We got extraordinarily lucky with wildlife.  In our leisurely drive up from LA to SF we saw Dolphins, Whales, Sea Otters, and Elephant Seals (they make hilarious vocal fart noises…we tried not to laugh so hard).  Plus we stopped at an amazing abandoned barn, slept in yurts and all along Amanda had time to slay a few spots…the red skinny dippers above was from just outside LA, and the subtle skinny dippers on the crashed out shed in La Honda, a township that is former home of Electric Kool-aid Acid Test legends Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters.  There was a third in the series somewhere north of Mendicino… we were both busy working on an old Drive In Theater wall, but the owner gave us the heave-ho before we could finish or get good snaps.  This admission is a bit of writer therapy for having straight faced lied to an old farmer type I really wish I hadn’t had to.  We ate at some wicked spots too…highlight for me was the truly stunning coastal views from the Nepenthe  do not miss this if you drive the route and like to eat.